Displaying response headers and pretty JSON with cURL

The Problem I tend toward using cURL when testing HTTP services, but I had a difficult time parsing the result when these services spit back unformatted »

The Behavior of C# Nested Static Classes

While working on a code review, I found a nested static class that I needed to verify the validity of. I had three questions: Does the »

Programming will leave you hanging

If you're looking for a reliable friend, software is a bad choice. /// <summary> /// Validates XHTML to make sure that /// </summary> You can »

Less than technical

Occasionally, as we all do, I stumble across code or comments that baffle me; not for their technical complexity, but rather their naivety. Here's a recent »

Transparent Video in all Browsers from Cross-Domain Sources

A brief history of time cross-domain transparent video Transparent video is not a terribly new concept in web development, however, because browsers do not support transparency »