Simple Way to Prevent Websites Jumping from Scrollbars

A common occurance I see on websites, and a frequent question I see as well regards websites "jumping" when more content loads onto the page and »

Two short ack filetype definitions for TypeScript.

I search my TypeScript code a lot and finally got tired of using awk, grep, and friends to filter out irrelevant files. Here's a definition for »

Simple programming patterns and conventions

I thought it might be helpful to some developers to see some simple patterns and conventions in a variety of languages. Many of us know about »

Printing function body in Chrome's console

Chrome used to, by default, print a function body in the console if you entered a function name into it, or if you called console.log »

Reading an HTTP Request Response Body from Exceptions

Every so often I need to read the response body of a failed HTTP request while debugging a .NET application in Visual Studio. It's not immediately »