Circuit Scribe art project step #3

I finally took the time to start maping out where I'll need to draw my Circuit Scribe ink lines. I also drew where I want to »

Circuit Scribe art project step #2

I put another hour into this and started sketching out the buildings surrounding the Space Needle. The landscape is starting to take shape, but it lacks »

Circuit Scribe art project step #1

I finally started my "cityscape" project with Circuit Scribe! Here's a quick video showing the first pencil sketches. I will be posting these as I go »

Writing AngularJS directives as TypeScript classes

Introduction TL;DR? Read the implementation details here. Note: This post was written for AngularJS 1.x. Angular 2+ has different conventions that make parts of »

Using Time as a Color Generator

The idea I saw the site What colour is it? and thought the concept was really cool. For whatever reason, visualization generators pique my interest. I »