Printing function body in Chrome's console

Chrome used to, by default, print a function body in the console if you entered a function name into it, or if you called console.log() with a function name.

What happens now is that Chrome will print a link to the function which, when clicked, will navigate your source viewer to that function.

For example, executing (or logging) BLT.TypeScript.Text.truncate will print function truncate(input, length, ellipsize).

For me, navigating away from my source viewer when I want a reference to a function is distracting. I am not aware of a way to re-enable the old behavior, but an alternative is to now call toString() on the function. Unfortunately, it does not appear that whitespace is preserved.


function truncate(input, length, ellipsize) {  
    if (ellipsize === void 0) { ellipsize = true; }
    if (input.length <= length) return input;
    var whitespace = new RegExp('\\s');
    var truncatedStr = input.substr(0, length);
    if (!whitespace.test(truncatedStr)) return truncatedStr + (ellipsize ? ' ...' : '');
    while (length > 0 && !whitespace.test(input.substr(--length, 1))) { }
    return input.substr(0, length) + (ellipsize ? ' ...' : '');